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GTC - Hotel Windsor Cologne - General Terms and Conditions


General Terms of Condition

Terms of service

1. These terms and conditions apply to contracts regarding the rental of hotel rooms for accommodation, including all other deliveries and services provided by the hotel to the customer.

2. The subcontracting or re-letting of rooms and their use for purposes other than accommodation requires the prior written consent of the hotel.


Room reservation – Room allocation – Room return – Check-in – Check-out times

Check-in: from 2 pm

Check-out: until 12 noon (by arrangement, also early check-in and later check-out possible)

The hotel may charge a usage fee for any additional use:

Until 18.00 hrs 50% of the regular accommodation price for this day, longer than 18.00 hrs 100% of the regular accommodation price for this day. The hotel is entitled to proof of a higher damage and can charge it to the customer.


Services – Prices – Payment

1. The hotel is obliged to keep the hotel room ordered by the customer and to provide the other agreed services.

2. The customer is obligated to pay the prices agreed for the room transfer and any other services claimed. This also applies to services (drinks, copies, etc.), which are used by the guests on the basis of this contract in the hotel and / or in the context of the contractual accommodation of guests, visitors, etc., of the guests.

3. The agreed prices include the respective statutory value-added tax.


Guarantee conditions – Credit card guarantee

All reservations are to be guaranteed with a valid credit card approved by the customer.
The credit card guarantee includes the following:
Credit card number
Valid credit Card
Signature of the credit card holder

The credit card holder is liable with the credit card guarantee provided here for the full invoice amount of the respective cancellation and / or no show / non-arrival / fees according to the booking conditions in his accommodation contract with payment obligation.
If the customer’s credit card is not valid or not approved, the hotel reserves the right to the corresponding reservation, and the entire accommodation contract, regardless of whether the request for a reservation booked directly or through various online reservation system word s should generally be cancel.
Reservations without guarantees can be accepted except for trade fairs, if the written consent of the hotel is available. Such bookings will only be accepted until 6 pm on the day of arrival and will be charged free of charge until 6 pm local time. There is no longer any claim to accommodation. In the case of later arrivals we ask for a telephone or written notification, so that the room is guaranteed free.

Accepted payment methods
Bank Transfer
Credit card
Accepted credit Cards
EC Electronic Cash

Booking guarantee
In the case of a company guarantee declaration, the respective company is liable for the full invoice amount of the cancellation or no show fees incurred, irrespective of whether the company has received a cost claim or the company is a self-payer. The invoices are payable within 8 days from the invoice date, or within the separately stipulated payment period.
If a cost takeover by a company is to take place, a written confirmation of cost acceptance by the client is assumed. The invoices are payable within 8 days of the invoice date or within the separately specified in the accommodation contract Z.

§1 Up to 6 months cancellation date before arrival date
In the case of cancellation of the cancellation on the basis of the individually confirmed cancellation conditions in the accommodation contract between the railway hotel and the hotel guest, the hotel will be entitled to 80% of the full reservation deposit in the case of a non-timely cancellation.
In case of no show / no-show, the claim is considered part of the hotel on the full price.

§2 From 6 months of cancellation date before arrival date
Subject: Bookings with a free cancellation deadline clipboard en 6 months and 24 months
From 6 months free of charge canceling cancellation before arrival date in case of non-timely cancellation of the claim on the part of the hotel to 50% of the full reservation amount up to 2 months before arrival. After this date, up to 100% of the reservation amount can be charged.
In case of no show / no-show, the claim is considered part of the hotel on the full reservation amount.

§3 Free cancellation after reservation confirmation is no longer possible
In this booking condition, both the cancellation and the no show / non-arrival will be subject to the full reservation amount.
Exclusive cancellation policy
This cancellation policy concerning exclusive fairs and events and the corresponding indicated separately in the accommodation contract.
All group reservations must be guaranteed with a valid credit card. If the client is not in possession of a credit card, a deposit can also be agreed and accepted as a guarantee.
Cancellation free of charge: 4 weeks before arrival date. In the event of cancellation not taking place within the time limit, the claim for 50% of the reservation amount is valid until 14 days before arrival.
After this date, up to 80% of the reservation amount can be charged.
In the case of a no show, the hotel is entitled to the full reservation amount.

Defects and liability
1. Should any deficiencies occur, the customer must immediately notify the staff – in any case before the departure – so that the hotel has the opportunity to remedy said deficiencies as soon as possible or to establish the contractual nature of the deliveries and services. The customer is obligated to contribute to the reasonable and to minimize any possible damage.

2. Wake-up calls will be carried out by the hotel staff. However, in the event of non-execution or bad execution, claims for damages are excluded, unless the hotel has acted grossly negligently or intentionally.

3. Messages, mail and customer dispatches for the customer are treated with customary care. The hotel accepts the delivery, storage and – on express request – for the remittance of the same. However, in the case of non-payment or non-payment, claims for damages are excluded, unless the hotel has acted intentionally or with gross negligence.

4. Apart from that, the liability of the hotel in the non-performance area is limited to performance defects, which are based on intent or gross negligence of the hotel. This shall also apply in particular to claims based on proven properties and fault on conclusion of the contract.


1. All above mentioned cancellation conditions and cancellation fees correspond to the accommodation contract provisions in § 535 sentence 2 and § 552 sentence 2 BGB.
2. Place of performance and payment shall be Düsseldorf.
3. Exclusive court of jurisdiction for checks and bills of exchange shall also be the court of the place of fulfillment as specified in section 2). The jurisdiction of the hotel is in any case also agreed with those customers who meet the requirements of section 38 para. 1 ZPO and / or which do not have a general jurisdiction in the country (whereby, at the latter’s option, the hotel is also entitled to bring an action in the general jurisdiction of the customer abroad.
4. German law shall apply.
5. Should individual provisions of the contract for the rental of hotel rooms and / or these terms and conditions be or become invalid, the effectiveness of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.